Chess Association of Western Australia

2011 Harris/Edwardes Trophy

The 2011 Harris Edwardes competition received entries from three teams in the Open division and two teams in B and C divisions.

In the Open division the competition has been held as a Round Robin with a playoff between the two leading teams. After the preliminary rounds Metro and Huntingdale teams have 1.5 match points each and 5 game points each. After removing board 4, Huntingdale had 3.5 game points and Metro had 4 game points. In the resulting playoff Huntingdale won convincingly. Congratulations to Stephanus Kurniawan , Michael Horstmann, Tim Hare and Haydn Barber.

In the B Division the Metro B team won their first match but lost the second to Perth B. The Final was played at Perth club who had the home game advantage needing 2 game points to win the competition. Perth had 5 game points while Metro had 3. Congratulations to the four Perth players winning the Final: Gabriel Nhial, Ross List, Natalie Maris and Peter De Yaak.

In the C Division the Perth C team won both their first two matches to win the competition. Congratulations to the four Perth players: Zachary Vowles, Joe Klimczak, Jacques Meyer and Vic Markou.

Trophies will be awarded after the Teams Lightning event in December. Be sure to organize a team for that event.

Report by Gordon Dunlop.

A Division

Preliminary results
   		Metro A  	2.0 :: 2.0   Huntingdale
		Perth A  	1.0 :: 3.0   Metro A
		Huntingdale 	3.0 :: 1.0   Perth A

Final		Metro A  	1.0 :: 3.0   Huntingdale

B Division

Round 1		Metro B 	2.5 :: 1.5   Perth B
Round 2  	Perth B  	3.5 :: 0.5   Metro B
Final  		Perth B  	2.5 :: 1.5   Metro B

C Division

Round 1   	Metro C  	1.0 :: 3.0   Perth C
Round 2		Perth C  	3.0 :: 1.0   Metro C