Chess Association of Western Australia

2012 Gufeld Cup

The Gufeld Cup (6 rounds) was played over the weekend of the 31st of March & 1st of April at the Moresby Street Centre in Kensington.

Because of prior bookings at the Moresby St Hall, we were forced to start the Gufeld Cup at 11.00am on the Saturday. Whether this was a factor in the poor turnout of 14, I am not sure. However, the strength of the tournament was pretty good (often the case with tournaments of this size) with 6 players rated over 1800.

It was a real struggle to come up with any kind of prize list. Given the new policy of all CAWA tournaments having to make a profit, we had just about the minimum number of players.

Thomas Donaldson won his first 4 games, then secured his first Gufeld Cup by finishing with 2 draws.

There was a mass tie for second between Akef Saleh, Albert Chin, Marc Vlietstra, Gordon Dunlop and David Ellis. The prize for U1900 rated players was merged with the second prize.

It was a bit of a change to see George Carolin-Unkovich not winning a prize, but the structure of the tournament did not suit him. Eddie Ottschoffski had a good result and should pick up some rating points.

Report by Haydn Barber

Prize Winners

 1st 	Tom Donaldson		5/6	 
=2nd 	Akef Saleh		4	 
   	Albert Chin		4	
	Marc Vlietstra		4
	Gordon Dunlop		4
	David Ellis	 	4

U/1500 + Unrated		  
1st 	Gary Donaldson		3

Final Standings

Place Name                     Loc  Club   Score

  1   Donaldson, Thomas        2035        5    
 2-6  Saleh, Akef              1991        4    
      Chin, Albert             1850        4    
      Vlietstra, Marc          2045        4    
      Dunlop, Gordon           1874        4    
      Ellis, David             1988        4    
 7-8  Donaldson, Gary          1454        3    
      Carolin-Unkovich, George 1636 Jun    3    
9-10  Ottschoffski, Eddie      1449        2.5  
      Singh, Surinder                      2.5  
11-13 Tomic, Nedeljko          1771        2    
      de Heer, Alex            1533        2    
      Yap, Ignatius            1041 Jun    2    
 14   Abushamleh, Ali               Jun    0   

Cross Table

No  Name                     Loc  Club   Total  1    2    3    4    5    6  

1.  Vlietstra, Marc          2045        4      8:W  4:W  2:L  6:L 10:W 11:W
2.  Donaldson, Thomas        2035        5      9:W  7:W  1:W  3:W  5:D  6:D
3.  Saleh, Akef              1991        4     10:W  6:D  4:W  2:L  7:W  5:D
4.  Ellis, David             1988        4     11:W  1:L  3:L 14:W  9:W  7:W
5.  Dunlop, Gordon           1874        4     12:D  8:W  6:D 10:W  2:D  3:D
6.  Chin, Albert             1850        4     13:W  3:D  5:D  1:W 11:D  2:D
7.  Tomic, Nedeljko          1771        2     14:W  2:L 10:L  9:W  3:L  4:L
8.  Carolin-Unkovich, George 1636 Junior 3      1:L  5:L 13:W 11:L 12:W  9:W
9.  de Heer, Alex            1533        2      2:L 12:W 14:W  7:L  4:L  8:L
10. Donaldson, Gary          1454        3      3:L 13:W  7:W  5:L  1:L   :W
11. Ottschoffski, Eddie      1449        2.5    4:L 14:L 12:W  8:W  6:D  1:L
12. Yap, Ignatius            1041 Junior 2      5:D  9:L 11:L 13:+  8:L 14:D
13. Abushamleh, Ali               Junior 0      6:L 10:L  8:L 12:-   :    : 
14. Singh, Surinder                      2.5    7:L 11:W  9:L  4:L   :W 12:D