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2014 Teams Lightning Championship

2014 Teams Lightning
2014 Teams Lightning
2014 Teams Lightning Open Winners
2014 Teams Lightning Open Winners
2014 Teams Lightning Open R/up
2014 Teams Lightning Open R/up

2014 Teams Lightning Reserves Winners
2014 Teams Lightning Reserves Winners
2014 Teams Lightning Restricted  Winners
2014 Teams Lightning Restricted Winners
2014 Teams Lightning Open Biggest Upset
2014 Teams Lightning Open Biggest Upset

Report by Gordon Dunlop:

The 2014 Teams Lightning event was held at the Moresby Hall on Sunday 14th December. A total of ten teams competed in three divisions. The prizes consisted of cash prizes and Xmas stockings. Electronic clocks held by the association will be engraved to recognize the division winners. Xmas stockings were given to the runners up in each division. The event was held in traditional Xmas spirit and all players had a fun time. Prizes for many of the major tournaments of the year were presented after the event together with Grand Prix awards.

The tournament was run as a round robin tournament followed by a final between the top two teams in each division. As done in previous years the first three rounds were played as guillotine lightning, the next three as Fisher and the last three as Bronstein. Guillotine was used in the finals for the top divisions and Fischer for the remaining divisions. The White team had two white boards and could choose their boards. The Black team could then choose their opponents.

In the finals, the leading teams in a division could choose to have the White pieces on boards 1 and 3 needing two points to win the match. Alternatively they could take the Black pieces on those boards needing only 1.5 points to win the match.

There were some novelty prizes given for first win, fastest win in each time control and biggest upsets. Tristan Boyd had the first win of the day. Paddy Koh won the prize for the fastest win under the guillotine time with a time of 4:47 which means he won using only 13 seconds. Patrick Gong had the most time on the clock for the Fischer time control with 3:53 after starting with 3:02. In Bronstein, Tim Hare had 5:03 remaining on his clock so used less than 3 seconds for each move.

The biggest upset prizes went to Sahil Parekh defeating Leon Taylor (rating difference 650) and to Ben Hurst for defeating David Ellis (rating difference 572).

The list of teams with members follows at the end of this report.

The finals results were:

All the Presidents Men defeated the Dirty Patzers (1.5 - 1.5).
Perth Blitzers defeated the Delivery Boys (2.0 - 1.0) for third place.

Dark Knights defeated the King Chasers (1.5 - 1.5).

Thornlie Alliance defeated the Nedlands Knights (3.0-0.0).

Thank you to all the players for joining in the dayís activities. The DOPs decisions were accepted gracefully. All players had a good time so start planning your teams for 2015.

Merry Christmas, Gordon Dunlop.

2014 Lightning Teams


The Dirty Patzers
George Carolyn-Unkovich			1936
Marc Vliestra				2097
Tom Pinnock				1958

All The Presidentís Men
David Ellis				1986
Tristan Boyd				2339
Edik Gilmetdinov			1886

Perth Blitzers
Derek Elkington				1882
Leon Taylor				2055
Chirag Saroha				2060

The Delivery Boys
Tim Hare				2026
Alex Janceski				1789
Ned Tomic				1866


Metro Marauders
Mike McGregor				1672
Evan Yeung				1571
Alex DeHeer				1618

The Dark Knights
Patrick Gong				1767
Jayden Williams				1666
Sahil Parekh 				1405/1442

King Chasers
Ben Hurst				1414/1682
Gordon Dunlop				1849
Koh Paddy 				1539


Thornlie Alliance
Bernard Laugery 			1203
Aaron Gibson-John			??/1277
Stuart Hunt				??

The Nedlands Knights
Joseph O'Brien				??
Liam Van der Moezel			??
Jack Brett				??	

The Nedlands Team
Rachael Brett				??
Daniel Van der Moezel			??
Christopher O'Brien  			??