Rebo and Rui Gen Simultaneous Display

2023 Rebo Rui Gen Simul pic1 2023 Rebo Rui Gen Simul pic2
2023 Rebo Rui Gen Simul pic3 2023 Rebo Rui Gen Simul pic4

On Sunday 23 July between 2.00pm and 5.30pm we had the fundraising simultaneous display, at Leeming Primary School (Southern Suburbs Chess Club), with Rebo Fu and Rui Gen Teh. Eventually we had 11 players. There were three adults and eight juniors- including Girl's U18 champion Paula Gruber and Boy's U14 champion Noah Taylor.

After discussions with Andrew, Rebo and Rui Gen it was decided that Rebo and Rui Gen would play in tandem, with Rebo making the first move and Rui Gen the second after Rebo had toured all the boards. Thus we had a simultaneous simultaneous; which actually worked really well. It meant that Rebo and Rui Gen had to not only play their opponents but also think about what each other was trying to do. By 5.00pm there were still eight games underway and so we mixed things up again by having both Rebo and Rui Gen constantly touring the boards. This significantly sped up matters. During the event they awarded trophies to: Noah, Paul Maddison, Richard Chen (who, with help from his son managed to draw) and Yuqi Huang.

Rebo and Rui Gen acquitted themselves admirably. They only conceded one draw and won all the other games.

Thanks go to Hui Huang for his photography and to one of the parents who went off and brought more biscuits after the five packets of Tim Tams I brought very promptly disappeared.

Report kindly proviced by Tim Hare.