CAWA Grand Prix (Paul Meyer Awards)

Grand Prix awards are determined by accumulating points in each CAWA Grand Prix tournament. Points are awarded as follows: 1st = 12, 2nd = 10, 3rd = 8, 4th = 7, 5th = 6, 6th = 5, 7th = 4, 8th = 3 and participation = 2 (if no other points). At the 2021 AGM it was resolved that the CAWA Grand Prix would be made up of classical, allegro and blitz tournaments with points awarded in the ratio of 4: 3: 2 so, for example, the winner of a classical tournament will gain 24 points, an allegro tournament 18 points and a blitz tournament 12 points.

All players are included in the Premier, all players Under 1850 for the Major & all players Under 1550 for the Minor. Ratings are taken from the final rating list of previous year. These ratings continue for whole year despite official periodic changes. The awards, known as the PAUL MEYER AWARDS, commemorate the life and work for Chess of the late Paul Meyer. The awards seek to encourage regular participation and therefore will not necessarily be won by the best players in each category but by those who not only perform well but also, of equal importance, are prepared to front up regularly.

2020 WA Grand Prix

2020 was a difficult year with tournaments cancelled or postponed and only four GP events taking place. There were outstanding performances from WA's top two Juniors, Jamie Laubbacher and Rebo Fu, which helped them raise their ratings over 250 points each. They headed the Open, the Under 1850 (although both are now rated well above 2000), and Junior sections. Another junior who impressed was primary schoolgirl Emily Zhang who played with a maturity well above her years.

Points are awarded as follows: 1st 12 pts, 2nd 10 pts, 3rd 9 pts, ....., 8th 4 pts, 9th 3 pts, others 2 pts for participation. Prizes will be awarded to 1st & 2nd in each of the 3 groups detailed below.

Report by David Ellis

Leading Scores

 Position                       Events  1st       GP Pts
 1      Jamie Laubbacher          4      3          39
 2      Rebo Fu                   4      -          32.6
 3      Patrick Gong              2      2          23

 MAJOR (Under 1850 *)
 1      Jamie Laubbacher          4      3          43.2#  
 2      Rebo Fu                   4      1          39.3#
 3 (1)  Ned Tomic                 4      -          30
 4 (2)  David Barry               3      -          22.5

 MINOR (Under 1550 *)
 1      Geoffrey Owen             4      1          34
 2      Emily Zhang		  2      2          23
 3      Yonal De Vas	 	  2      -          20
 4      Steve Milavanovic	  2      -          19

 *  Ratings as of December 2019	
 #  ineligible for rating prize	

Previous Grand Prix Winners

1996  Danny Dwyer  Michael Wilkins  Petar Rados
1997  David Ellis  Tristan Boyd  Leon Taylor
1998  Timo Farber  Leon Taylor  Natalie Taylor
1999  Michael Wilkins  Leon Taylor  Andrew Hardegen
2000  David Ellis  Leon Taylor  Zhengbo Wang
2001  Jay Lakner  Andrew Hardegen  Zhengbo Wang
2002  Jay Lakner  John Fedec  Daniel Van Heerden
2003  Tim Hare  Nedeljko Tomic  Dennis Holland
2004  Tristan Boyd  Tom Donaldson  Yita Choong & Alex DeHeer
2005  Haydn Barber  Tom Donaldson  Mick Pavlovic
2006  David Ellis  Gordon Dunlop  Gary Donaldson
2007  Michael Wilkins  Robert Galvin  Ryan Sam
2008  Stephanus Kurniawan  Nedeljko Tomic  Chris Cuellar  Tom Donaldson
2009  Dennis Holland  Dennis Holland  Gary Donaldson  Yita Choong
2010  Stephanus Kurniawan  Nedeljko Tomic  Gary Donaldson  George Carolin-Unkovich
2011  Tom Donaldson & Dave Dempster  Nedeljko Tomic  Gary Donaldson  George Carolin-Unkovich
2012  Marc Vlietstra  Gordon Dunlop  Gary Donaldson  George Carolin-Unkovich
2013  David Ellis  George Carolin-Unkovich  Gary Donaldson  George Carolin-Unkovich
2014  Ihsan Ferozkohi  Nedeljko Tomic  Ignatius Yap  Ignatius Yap
2015  Yita Choong  Gordon Dunlop  Paul Moseley  Ignatius Yap
2016  Ihsan Ferozkohi  Andrey Lugovsky  Gary Donaldson  Patrick Gong  Gary Donaldson
2017  Andrew Hardegen  Sri Krishnan Dharmapuri  David Barry  Patrick Gong  Gary Donaldson
2018  Andrew Hardegen  Brent Geronimo  Gary Donaldson  Brent Geronimo  Gary Donaldson
2019  Kathryn Hardegen  Nedeljko Tomic  Gary Donaldson  Oscar Gao  Gary Donaldson
2020  Jamie Laubbacher  Nedeljko Tomic  Geoffrey Owen  Jamie Laubbacher