Harris/Edwardes Trophy

2018 Harris/Edwardes Trophy

The 2018 Harris Interclub Competition was held at North Woodvale Primary School on Sundays 29th July and 5th August. The competition was very successful with 9 teams competing (44 players in total).

Division A (Open)

Division A (Open) was won by Southern Suburbs Chess Club. The winning team members were FM Tristan Boyd, Stephanus Kurniawan, Michael Horstmann, Andrew Hardegen (captain), Tim Hare, and Edward Calado.

The final standings were as follows:

Southern Suburbs A1: 13.0/16 
Southern Suburbs A2: 6.5/16 
Perth A: 4.5/16

Division B (all players rated below 1900 ACF)

Division B was won by Southern Suburbs Chess Club. The winning team members were Han Sen Kuan, Brent Geronimo, Dominador Andador, Ian McAteer (captain), and Sri Dharmapuri. This division was closely contested with both Southern Suburbs B1 and Perth B jointly leading with 7.5/12 going into the final round. However, Southern Suburbs B1 were able to score 4/4 in their final round games to secure a narrow victory.

The final standings were as follows:

Southern Suburbs B1: 11.5/16 
Perth B: 9.5/16 
Southern Suburbs B2: 3.0/16

Division C (all players rated below 1500 ACF)

Division C was won by Southern Suburbs Chess Club. The winning team members were Kundan Dharmapuri (captain), Stevica Milovanovic, Bernard Laugery, Harry Geronimo, Oscar Gao, and Brian Drake. Worthy of recognition were the performances from 8-year-old Oscar (4/4), 12-year-old Kundan (2.5/3) and 9-year-old Harry (2.5/4), who were the leading contributors in their team's triumph over the higher-rated Perth C1 team.

The final standings were as follows:

Southern Suburbs C: 11.5/16
Perth C1: 8.5/16
Perth C2: 4.0/16

Full individual results for all rounds are posted at: http://southernsuburbschessclub.org.au/2018-harris-shield.htm

Trophies for this year's competition will be presented at the annual CAWA Presentations on 16th December.

Congratulations to the winning teams from Southern Suburbs Chess Club and well done to all participants. Thank you to Alan Wolstencroft and Rob Maris from Perth Chess Club who arrived early on each day to open the venue and help set up, with Rob also serving alongside me as co-arbiter. Thank you also to the players whose conduct and patience ensured that the competition was able to run smoothly without incident, and to the many club members and team captains who helped to organise teams for this year's competition.

Report provided by Andrew Hardegen.

2018 Harris Edwardes Results Sheet

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