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CAWA logo Chess Association of Western Australia

Welcome to the Chess Association of Western Australia's Website.

Here you will find all the information you need regarding chess in Western Australia. The site primarily caters for registered CAWA chess players be they Senior or Junior. But if you are an unregistered player, casual player or even an interested visitor feel free to look around. Perhaps after viewing the CAWA site you may wish to join the CAWA. By becoming a member you are then eligible to participate in ratified tournaments and obtain an official rating.

We hope you enjoy the CAWA site and if you have any comments, corrections or questions please forward them to the CAWA web master:

email email


2020 State Blitz Championship The 2020 State Blitz Championship was held at the Southern Suburbs Chess Club (Leeming Primary School) on the 5th of July.

Congratulations to the winner: FM Patrick Gong.

Results can be found in the Calendar of Events or in the Recent Results section.

2020 WINTER ALLEGRO (03/07/20)

2020 June Winter Allegro Resumption of CAWA tournaments started on Sunday, 28th June with the Winter Allegro at the North Woodvale Primary School.

Congratulations to the undefeated winner: 13 year old Yihe Fu (Rebo).

Results can be found in the Calendar of Events or in the Recent Results section.


2020 State Junior Championships WA's Premier Junior Chess Tournament will be held this year at the Carmel Primary School from Monday, 13th July to Thursday, 16th July.

To register please go to the website at:

Below are some explanatory notes for all interested participants:-

a) We prefer if you use the trybooking registering (see the above website) as this helps the preparation for the tournament and makes it easier for us to have everything ready on the day and ensure a smooth start.

b) For those who do not wish to use trybooking, please click on the link below to obtain an entry form.

2020 WA Junior Championships Entry Form

Please email this by Saturday 11th July, this will also ensure a smooth start.

c) The first three days are tournaments devoted to the various age groups. Please arrive by 8:30am on the day for registration.

d) Under 10's which is on Monday have the option of play in the under 12's tournament too which starts on Tuesday.

e) Under 8's which is on Tuesday have the option to play in the Under 10's which is on a Monday.

f) Depending on the number of entries, there may be a separate tournament for the Under 14's, otherwise there will be a single tournament for the Under 14's, 16's and 18's.

g) Certificates will be issued to all players who take part in any of the three day events.

h) Entry costs are based on the number of days of the tournament, i.e., one day $30, two days $40 and three days $50. The exception to this is the Blitz run on Thursday afternoon which costs $15.

The Blitz is an Open tournament with prizes for all age divisions.

i) Any playoffs from the first three days will either be played at the end of the tournament time permitting or on Thursday morning.

j) You can enter on the day it costs $5 extra, but please get to the venue before 8:30am.

k) Carmel Primary school is a vegetarian school so we ask all visitors to please respect the schools wishes and eat any meat or seafood you bring outside the hall.

l) CAWA junior membership can be done on the day of the event for $10 (for six months).

For further information please contact: Alan Wolstencroft (CAWA President) Mobile: 0439 912 234


CAWA State Championship Trophy From Organiser Andrew Hardegen:

To all chess players,

Information sheets for the 2020 WA Blitz Championship (Sunday 5th July) and the 2020 WA Championship (7 consecutive Sundays, 19th July to 30th August) are now available from the links below. Both events will be held at Southern Suburbs Chess Club (Leeming Primary School).

2020 WA Blitz Championship 2020 WA Chess Championship

The WA Championship will be run in a Closed/Reserves format, as it was in 2019. The WA Closed Championship will take the form of an 8-player round robin (the 8 highest-rated players, by the June ACF list). The WA Reserves Championship will be played as a 7-round Swiss.

Games for the WA Closed Championship can be rescheduled if required.

Games in the WA Reserves Championship may not be postponed, but may be played ahead of time if this can be arranged. Players in the Reserves Championship have the option of taking 1 half-point bye in Rounds 1-5.

Note that bye requests must be made prior to the start of the preceding round.

I hope you can all join us for some high-quality over-the-board chess!


2020 South of the River Chess Festival
From Organiser Ian McAteer:

Hello All,

I'm very excited to be able to announce that once again the City of Melville is generously supporting Southern Suburbs Chess Club to host an open chess tournament.

This year we are at the CIrque Community Centre, 63 Kishorn Road in Mount Pleasant. This is a new venue located on the ground floor of the new Cirque apartment building. There is plenty of free on-street parking after 6pm in this area.

Depending on numbers, we may also be able to extend to a full chess festival with a follow up Allegro and Blitz tournament. The first game is on Thursday the 2nd of July - doors open at 7.15pm with games due to start at 7.30pm. Please see the flyers below:

South of the River Chess Festival flyer

South of the River Chess Festival - Classical flyer

South of the River Chess Festival - Allegro and Blitz flyer

Due to COVID related restrictions on numbers we will be limited to 20 players so if you are interested in playing please let me know as soon as you can.

Thanks and hope to see you there.

For tournament rules and conditions or for any other enquires please contact Ian McAteer at:

Email:        Mobile: 0403 776 220


Online Juniuor Tournament The Online chess tournament will start this weekend for WA Juniors.

The Lichess website will be used to run the tournament. Please click on the links below for further details:

Online Chess Tournament for WA Juniors Flyer

As well as trophies for the best players, certificates will be issued to all entrants.

If you have any problems entering or contacting your opponent, please contact either:

Alan Wolstencroft (President CAWA)        mobile: 0439 912 234

Shai Levin Junior Vice-President CAWA)         mobile: 0422 495 052


Allegro & Blitz GP With obviously, having lost a number of tournaments because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the overall 2020 Blitz and Allegro Grand Prix scope is a little smaller than originally planned.

Please click on the link below for the updated playing schedule:

2020 CAWA Allegro & Blitz Grand Prix Updated Playing Schedule

For more information please contact:

Ian McAteer (GP Coordinator)         Mob: 0403 776 220         eMail:

2020 JUNE CAWA NEWSLETTER (10/06/20)

CAWA Newsletter The June Edition of the CAWA Newsletter is now available.

Please enjoy!!!!

For those wishing to contribute anything to the next edition please send your submission to:

Newsletter Editor: Mike McGregor by the 31st of July 2020.


CAWA logo With the easing of COVID-19 restrictions, CAWA will be resuming OTB chess. The CAWA
Calendar of Events has now been updated with upcoming tournament pop-up information. Entry forms for upcoming events will be published when they become available.

Also Perth Senior Chess Clubs are about to re-open. Dates are as follows:

Perth Chess Club - Wed 10 June
Southern Suburbs Chess Club - Tues 16 June
Metropolitan Chess Club - Thurs 18 June

With regards to Junior Clubs:

The Kingsley Junior Chess Club has already opened and Dalkeith Junior Chess Club is set to re-open on Sat 21 June.


Donated Chess Equipment Charles Lithgow was a keen promoter of chess in WA schools. He retired from Dryandra School in 1993 having coordinated school chess matches for many years. He died last year.

CAWA were recently contacted by Charles's daughter, Robyn Lawrence, about passing on the Chess Equipment owned by Charles. It turned out to be quite a large amount of equipment including about 16 chess sets and boards plus several books.

This equipment will be loaned out to various WA schools that are starting school chess clubs. It is generous donations like this that help to support the chess playing amongst the various schools in WA. Thank you, Charles Lithgow and Robyn Lawrence.

VALE MIKE NAIRN (09/06/20)

Vale Mike Nairn Mike Nairn (R.I.P.) died earlier this month, aged 82.

Mike was a keen chess player (and golfer) and based in Perth for many years. He travelled up from Albany to play in the 2019 Perth Open. Whilst based in Albany he tutored some of the Mt Barker junior chess players. Later in 2019, he moved back to Perth. He rejoined the Perth Chess Club in 2019 and won the 2019 'C' Division of the Mary Thomson Cup. His sense of humour and engaging smile will be sorely missed.


lichess Online Chess Tournament for Western Australian Juniors to Start Shortly

Introduction: With the advent of Covid-19 many chess players have turned to online chess. CAWA will shortly be starting an Online chess tournament for Junior chess players based in Western Australia.

Website:The Lichess website will be used to run the tournament. For those of you who have not used Lichess and wish to play in the tournament please visit the website for background information.

Format: One game per week to be played on the Lichess website. 7 rounds. Swiss format

Time Limit: 30 minutes plus 20 second increments.

Playing Times: A draw will be made each Sunday evening. Games must be played by 4:30pm the following Sunday.

Entry Fee: No entry fee will be charged for the first tournament as this is essentially being run on trial basis.

Method of Entry: As a first stage the player's parents will be set up within a WhatsApp group. The WhatsApp group will be used as a form of communication/reminder when the tournament is starting. A password will be provided to enter the tournament.

Prizes: Trophies will be given to the best performing players.

Additional Points: At 5pm every Sunday, players will have the opportunity to take part in a team competition against overseas teams that also use Lichess.


Alan Wolstencroft (President CAWA)   mobile: 0439 912 234   or   email:

Shai Levin Junior (Vice-President CAWA President)   mobile: 0422 495 052   or   email:


CAWA logo Although the signs in WA and throughout Australia are encouraging as regards COVID-19 it is still too early for OTB (Over the Board) chess games. Consequently the forthcoming State Championships (scheduled to commence on 17th May ) have been postponed. Hopefully it will be held later this year.

Alan Wolstencroft (President) Mobile: 0439 912 234


Vale Kelvin Taylor It is with much sadness that I advise members of the passing of Kelvin Taylor.

Kelvin and his wife, Mavis came from New Zealand in the 1990's I believe. He was an engineer in the food industry and then moved into the mining arena. An avid sailor in the small two person yachts. He and his son sailed regularly in competitions on the Swan River.

Although Kelvin was a mid-range chess player (B division at the Metro Club) he thoroughly loved his chess and got involved with administration for the Club. Three years as Treasurer, nine years as Secretary and seven years as President. His voluntary administration in the Club since 1999 was truly appreciated by all members.

We will always remember Kelvin as a fantastic person and a true gentleman. He was also a great family man and leaves behind his wife, Mavis and two children.

Garry Taylor - President Metropolitan Chess Club


CAWA logo In view of the increase in the number of virus cases in WA, it has been decided by the Presidents of the three senior chess clubs, Metro, Perth and Southern Suburbs that all activity at their clubs will cease immediately until further notice, (for further information view the club websites).

The following Junior clubs have also ceased activity: Dalkeith Junior Chess Club, Kingsley Junior Chess Club, Lakner Chess, the Perth Chess Academy and all clubs run by Merson Joseph King, until further notice.

The CAWA Council fully supports these decisions and has decided that all CAWA Inter-school tournaments will be cancelled until further notice.

The CAWA Council has also cancelled the following forthcoming tournaments:-

Cracovia Club Blitz (5th April)

Gufeld Cup (12th April and 13th April)

WA Junior championships (20th April to 23rd April)

It is to be hoped that these tournaments may be run later in the year.

At the end of April and on periodic basis thereafter the situation will be reviewed.

In the meantime CAWA will be providing a list of websites to meet up and play chess online. (see below)

Alan Wolstencroft (President) Mobile: 0439 912 234


Chess Online The following websites are available if you would like to meet up and play chess online:



2020 CAWA April Blitz The Cracovia Club has informed CAWA that due to the pandemic the club is closed to the end of April. Consequently the Blitz tournament scheduled for the 5th of April is cancelled.

CAWA hope to run this tournament later in the year.


CAWA logo Below are some common sense procedures that CAWA suggest are adopted for forthcoming Chess Club meetings and tournaments:-

1. All players and parents who attend club meetings or tournaments to wash their hands with soap and water prior to entering the playing hall.

2. People with possible symptoms of COVID-19 should not attend a club meeting or tournament.

3. The President of the chess club or chief Arbiter/DOP has the right to refuse enter to anyone who has possible symptoms of COVID-19 and not got themselves tested.

4. Where possible the playing tables should be spread out as much as possible.

5. It is optional for players to shake hands prior to and at the finish of their game.

6. Ideally players should be one metre apart if possible whilst playing.

7. After the tournament meeting is finished all pieces, boards and clocks should be wiped with sanitizing wipes.

Currently WA is considered a low risk area and these procedures will be updated as we receive directives from State and Federal Health departments.

CAWA President Alan Wolstencroft (Mobile: 0439 912 234)


2020 WA Allegro Championship The 2020 WA Allegro Championship was held at Leeming Primary School on the 8th of March.

Congratulations to the almost undefeated winner (8.5/9): GM Temur Kuybokarov.

Results can be found in the Calendar of Events or in the Recent Results section.

2020 PERTH OPEN (17/02/20)

2020 Perth Open The 2020 Perth Open was held at North Woodvale Primary School on the 15th & 16th of February.

Congratulations to the undefeated winner (6.0/6): FM Patrick Gong.

Results can be found in the Calendar of Events or in the Recent Results section.


2020 Australian Junior Chess Championships The 2020 Australian Junior Chess Championships were held on the Gold Coast QLD from 18 to 26 January.

Congratulations to the new Australian Junior Champion: Cameron McGowan from NSW.

Prize Winners

U/18 Open: 1st - Cameron McGowan (NSW), 2nd - Michael Ostapenko (QLD), 3rd - Sravan Renjith (QLD)

U/16 Open: 1st - Ryder Testolin (VIC), 2nd - James Spencer (NSW), 3rd - Daniel Melamed (NSW)

U/14 Open: 1st - Alexavier Ly-Liu (QLD), 2nd - Yihe (Rebo) Fu (WA), 3rd - Seth Peramunetellike (NSW)

U/12 Open: 1st - Jayden Ooi (QLD), 2nd - Archit Kannan (VIC), 3rd - Arthur Gao (VIC)

U/10 Open: 1st - Jayden Ooi (QLD), 2nd - Zerui Xing (QLD), 3rd - Joel Leong (QLD)

U/8 Open: 1st - Lachlan Wang (QLD), 2nd - Harvey Zhu (QLD), 3rd - Calen Tang (QLD)

U/18 Girls: 1st - Lillian Lu (VIC), 2nd - Emily Lin (VIC), 3rd - Eva Ge (NSW)

U/16 Girls: 1st - Athena Hathiramani (ACT), 2nd - Myiesha Maunders (VIC), 3rd - Jennifer Morrison (VIC)

U/14 Girls: 1st - Elizaveta Gratchev (QLD), 2nd - Ekaterina Gratchev (QLD), 3rd - Dhwani Patel (NSW)

U/12 Girls: 1st - Athena-Malar Retnaraja (SA), 2nd - Damaris Augustine (VIC), 3rd - Ethena Qiang (QLD)

U/10 Girls: 1st - Darline Augustine (VIC), 2nd - Chanya Rupasinghe (NSW), 3rd - Emily Zhang (WA)

U/8 Girls: 1st - Vidushi Dissanayake (VIC), 2nd - Xintong Zhang (QLD), 3rd - Manyata Sindhi (VIC)

Players that represented WA at the Australian Junior Championships performed well.

Yihe (Rebo) Fu (7.0/9) was second in the Under 14 (also 1st Under 16 Blitz) and Emily Zhang (5.0/8) was 3rd in the Under 10 Girls.

Other scores:

Under 16 - Jamie Labbacher 4.0/9; Under 14 - Kundan Dharmapuri 6.0/9 & Alex Pimenov 2.5/9; Under 12 - Iker Hernandez Mendez 5.5/9 & Aarnav Gupta 4.5/9. Under 12-18 Girls - Celine Ong 5.0/9 (tied 3rd in the Under 14 Girls, also 1st Under 14 Girls Blitz, and 3rd Under 14 Girls Problem Solving) & Anouska Gupta 3.0/9 (3rd Under 12 Girls Blitz, 3rd Under 12 Girls Problem Solving).


WA State Library The first Blitz tournament of the year - the 2020 January Blitz - was held at the Perth State Library on Sunday 19th January.

Congratulations to the winner: FM Patrick Gong.

Results can be found in the Calendar of Events or in the Recent Results section.


Allegro & Blitz GPThis year the CAWA is proud to introduce the inaugural Allegro & Blitz Grand Prix Competition where Allegro & Blitz Grand Prix Events are played at venues around the Perth metropolitan area. GP points are awarded for results in each tournament similarly to the WA Grand Prix.

Details regarding the Allegro & Blitz Grand Prix is obtainable from the link below:

2020 CAWA Allegro & Blitz Grand Prix Information Sheet

For more information please contact:

Ian McAteer (GP Coordinator)         Mob: 0403 776 220         eMail:


CAWA AGM Congratulations to GM Temur Kuybokarov, 2020 Australian Chess Champion!

Leading scores:

1st: GM Temur Kuybokarov (9.0/11)
2nd: IM Junta Ikeda (8.5/11)
3rd: IM Igor Bjelobrk (7.5/11)

Full standings are at:

Temur was the only WA participant in either the Championship or any of its associated tournaments.


WA State Library Chess Centre Starting from this month if you are in town and want to play chess in a quiet environment then consider going to the State Library where there is a designated area on the Second floor with chess sets and clocks provided by CAWA.

An agreement was reached between CAWA and the State Library to provide a chess playing area initially on a trial basis. So, your patronage will help to make this a popular venue.

The State Library opening hours are:

Mon to Thurs: 9am to 8pm, Fri 9am to 5:30pm, Sat & Sun 10am to 5:30pm.

Please note: The Library is closed on Public Holidays.

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