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Welcome to the CAWA Website

Here you will find all the information you need regarding chess in Western Australia. The site primarily caters for registered CAWA chess players be they Senior or Junior. But if you are an unregistered player, casual player or even an interested visitor feel free to look around. Perhaps after viewing the CAWA site you may wish to join the CAWA. By becoming a member you are then eligible to participate in ratified tournaments and obtain an official rating.

We hope you enjoy the CAWA site and if you have any comments, corrections or questions please forward them to the CAWA web master:

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2020 PERTH OPEN (17/02/20)

2020 Perth Open The 2020 Perth Open - was held at North Woodvale Primary School on the 15th & 16th of February.

Congratulations to the undefeated winner (6.0/6): FM Patrick Gong.

Results can be found in the Calendar of Events or in Recent Results section.


CAWA Newsletter The February Edition of the CAWA Newsletter is now available.

Please enjoy!!!!

For those wishing to contribute anything to the next edition please send your submission to:

Newsletter Editor: Mike McGregor by the 31st of March 2020.


2020 Australian Junior Chess Championships The 2020 Australian Junior Chess Championships were held on the Gold Coast QLD from 18 to 26 January.

Congratulations to the new Australian Junior Champion: Cameron McGowan from NSW.

Prize Winners

U/18 Open: 1st - Cameron McGowan (NSW), 2nd - Michael Ostapenko (QLD), 3rd - Sravan Renjith (QLD)

U/16 Open: 1st - Ryder Testolin (VIC), 2nd - James Spencer (NSW), 3rd - Daniel Melamed (NSW)

U/14 Open: 1st - Alexavier Ly-Liu (QLD), 2nd - Yihe (Rebo) Fu (WA), 3rd - Seth Peramunetellike (NSW)

U/12 Open: 1st - Jayden Ooi (QLD), 2nd - Archit Kannan (VIC), 3rd - Arthur Gao (VIC)

U/10 Open: 1st - Jayden Ooi (QLD), 2nd - Zerui Xing (QLD), 3rd - Joel Leong (QLD)

U/8 Open: 1st - Lachlan Wang (QLD), 2nd - Harvey Zhu (QLD), 3rd - Calen Tang (QLD)

U/18 Girls: 1st - Lillian Lu (VIC), 2nd - Emily Lin (VIC), 3rd - Eva Ge (NSW)

U/16 Girls: 1st - Athena Hathiramani (ACT), 2nd - Myiesha Maunders (VIC), 3rd - Jennifer Morrison (VIC)

U/14 Girls: 1st - Elizaveta Gratchev (QLD), 2nd - Ekaterina Gratchev (QLD), 3rd - Dhwani Patel (NSW)

U/12 Girls: 1st - Athena-Malar Retnaraja (SA), 2nd - Damaris Augustine (VIC), 3rd - Ethena Qiang (QLD)

U/10 Girls: 1st - Darline Augustine (VIC), 2nd - Chanya Rupasinghe (NSW), 3rd - Emily Zhang (WA)

U/8 Girls: 1st - Vidushi Dissanayake (VIC), 2nd - Xintong Zhang (QLD), 3rd - Manyata Sindhi (VIC)

Players that represented WA at the Australian Junior Championships performed well.

Yihe (Rebo) Fu (7.0/9) was second in the Under 14 (also 1st Under 16 Blitz) and Emily Zhang (5.0/8) was 3rd in the Under 10 Girls.

Other scores:

Under 16 - Jamie Labbacher 4.0/9; Under 14 - Kundan Dharmapuri 6.0/9 & Alex Pimenov 2.5/9; Under 12 - Iker Hernandez Mendez 5.5/9 & Aarnav Gupta 4.5/9. Under 12-18 Girls - Celine Ong 5.0/9 (tied 3rd in the Under 14 Girls, also 1st Under 14 Girls Blitz, and 3rd Under 14 Girls Problem Solving) & Anouska Gupta 3.0/9 (3rd Under 12 Girls Blitz, 3rd Under 12 Girls Problem Solving).


Knight Part time chess coach/es are required to teach chess to classes of children from years 2 to 6 on Monday, Thursday and Friday.

Applicants would need to be 18 years or over, have a 1600+ rating and have, or can acquire, a current Working with Children Card.

The classes would ideally suit, ie, university students, or persons seeking part time employment, principally during school term and school hours.

The classes run for a duration of one hour and consist of a chess lesson followed by supervision and instruction while the children play games. Training will be provided.

Further details can be discussed on receipt of expressions of interest.

Please email:   Jack South


WA State Library The first Blitz tournament of the year - the 2020 January Blitz - was held at the Perth State Library on Sunday 19th January.

Congratulations to the winner: FM Patrick Gong.

Results can be found in the Calendar of Events or in Recent Results section.


Allegro & Blitz GPThis year the CAWA is proud to introduce the inaugural Allegro & Blitz Grand Prix Competition where Allegro & Blitz Grand Prix Events are played at venues around the Perth metropolitan area. GP points are awarded for results in each tournament similarly to the WA Grand Prix.

Details regarding the Allegro & Blitz Grand Prix is obtainable from the link below:

2020 CAWA Allegro & Blitz Grand Prix Information Sheet

For more information please contact:

Ian McAteer (GP Coordinator)         Mob: 0403 776 220         eMail:


CAWA AGM Congratulations to GM Temur Kuybokarov, 2020 Australian Chess Champion!

Leading scores:

1st: GM Temur Kuybokarov (9.0/11)
2nd: IM Junta Ikeda (8.5/11)
3rd: IM Igor Bjelobrk (7.5/11)

Full standings are at:

Temur was the only WA participant in either the Championship or any of its associated tournaments.


Australian Juniors Chess LeagueThe
Australian Junior Chess League is pleased to invite applications from talented Australian juniors (U/18) for the 2020 Australian Junior Elite Training Squad - JETS.

The JETS Squad is Australia's premier development squad, aimed at encouraging and challenging the next generation of Australian champions. (Past JETS members have gone on to become Grandmasters and International Masters.)

Applicants are judged by enthusiasm, commitment and recent improvement, as well as rating, with a loading for applicants aged 14 and under. Eligibility for the Squad will generally require participation in at least one of the following events in December/January 2019/20: the Australian Young Masters in Adelaide, an Australian Championship event in Sydney, or the Australian Junior Championships on the Gold Coast.

The selected members of the 2020 JETS Squad must commit to attend the JETS national junior training camp, to be held on the Gold Coast from July 4-9. Apply via:

Deadline for applications February 20, 2020.

Further information about JETS can be found on the information sheet available from the link below:

2020 JETS Information Sheet


WA State Library Chess Centre Starting from this month if you are in town and want to play chess in a quiet environment then consider going to the State Library where there is a designated area on the Second floor with chess sets and clocks provided by CAWA.

An agreement was reached between CAWA and the State Library to provide a chess playing area initially on a trial basis. So, your patronage will help to make this a popular venue.

The State Library opening hours are:

Mon to Thurs: 9am to 8pm, Fri 9am to 5:30pm, Sat & Sun 10am to 5:30pm.

Please note: The Library is closed on Public Holidays.


Fred MarisThe Koshnitsky Medal is awarded annually by the Australian Chess Federation to an individual who has made an outstanding lifetime contribution to the administration of chess in Australia. This year the CAWA Council nominated Fred Maris for this medal in recognition of nearly 30 years' service to the Western Australian chess community. This has included starting up the Mandurah Chess Club in 1990, the Midlands Chess Club in 1993 and being actively involved with the
Perth Chess Club from 2010 to 2019 as President.

In 1995 Fred started a company Chess Supplies of WA which supplied equipment to the WA chess playing community including schools and prisons until 2008. Fred has maintained an active role of coaching at several schools. He is currently coaching at the Lake Joondalup Baptist College.


CAWA 2019 Grand PrixAs a member of the WA Sports Federation, The Chess Association of WA Inc was invited to nominate RAC stars for chess. This year the CAWA Council nominated Temur Kuybokarov for RAC Sports Star and Yihe Fu (Rebo) for the RAC Junior Sports Star.

Temur has had a very successful year both internationally and nationally. He won the 2019 Australian Open Championship in late December last year. Subsequently he was awarded the title of Grandmaster in March. He has played in several international and national tournaments this year. His most notable results in 2019 were:

a) 9th = in the World Junior championships held in New Delhi India in October in a field of 94 players. This was despite having a viral infection for most of the tournament.
b) Recently winning the 2019 Australian Masters GM Norm tournament in Melborne with a near perfect score of 8.5 from 9.
c) Closer to home he won the WA Allegro with a perfect score of 9/9.

Rebo has been very active tournament player this year. He is particularly adept in the shorter time games. This is reflected in his results this year which included:

a) 2nd Under 14s Australian Junior Championships
b) 3rd= Under 18s Australian Junior Lightning Championships
c) 1st Under 16s WA State Junior Championships
d) 1st WA Junior Lightning Championships.
e) 1st WA Junior Rapid Play
f) 1st WA Junior Allegro Championships

2019 RAC Sports West Awards

2019 CAWA GRAND PRIX (21/12/19)

CAWA 2019 Grand PrixThe winners in this year's Grand Prix were:

Open: Kathryn Hardegen
Major: Ned Tomic
Minor & Country: Garry Donaldson
Junior: Oscar Gao

Full results can be found in the report kindly provided by organiser David Ellis below:

2019 Grand Prix Results


Christmas Blitz The 2019 Christmas Blitz was played at North Woodvale Primary School on Sunday the 15th of December.

Congratulations to the winner: Stephanus Kurniawan with a perfect score of 9/9.

Full results can be found in the Recent Results section.


CAWA 2020 Calendar The 2020 CAWA Calendar of Events is now available.

Please Note:

All information currently contained in the calendar is correct at time of publication but may be subject to change in the future.

Changes and additions to the calendar will be made when they become available.


Perthe Chess Club In 2017 the Perth Chess Club introduced its 5th rated tournament of the year, a FIDE rated swiss. In 2019 the players were split into 2 swiss tournaments known as "Over 1500 " and "Under 1500" (based on rating). This split was a more popular format, so the Perth Chess Club committee agreed this should continue and be named in recognition of 2 long serving members: Wolfgang Leonhardt and John Brooke.

The "Over 1500" will now be known as the "Wolfgang Leonhardt Cup" (with a Perpetual trophy). Wolfgang has been winning tournaments at the club since the 1950's. He was club champion 4 times between 2003 and 2009 when aged over 70 years. Besides his success at the club he won the WA State Championship 8 times between 1954 and 1972. Further information about Wolfgang is on the Perth Club and CAWA websites.

The "Under 1500" tournament will now be known as the John Brooke Cup (with a Perpetual trophy). John has been a volunteer at the club since the 1990's. John has been the Treasurer throughout this time and also organises the refreshments (tea, coffee and biscuits) each week. As keyholder he spends the longest at the club each week opening up and setting up at the start and packing away and locking up at the end. His dedicated selfless service for the benefit of his fellow players and his happy friendly manner, contribute to the pleasant atmosphere at Perth Chess Club.

PCC President Rob Maris.

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